About us

Water Connections began in 1997 as a marketing company based in the Cape Province for the distribution of quality plumbing products and components. We were then agents for a number of companies as well as the company Churrasco which was owned and directed by a Swiss National, Mr Felix Gerber.

Mr. Felix Gerber had already, established and well known European and Asian companies who were manufacturing products and components to the entire world. It is through this partnership that Mr. Junade Sheik and Mr. Felix Gerber introduced some very innovative and now commonly used products in South Africa.

Amongst these products are the SABS Approved Stainless Steel flexi braided hoses used for water connections on almost all bathroom and basin applications. We also introduced some of the most reliable and highest quality angle valves made in Germany and DZR service valves for use all over South Africa. Water quality and pressure all taken into account.

These products were well received in the market and assisted the general public to acquire better products that worked better and lasted longer with longer guarantees. This is what we like to call, Value for Money Spend. It is the purchase of a really good product for a really good price with peace of mind that it will last and do the job correctly the first time.

Today Water Connections is in existence for 18 years with the same business plan and products made available to our reputable retail, DIY and Hardware stores. We are small company that is focussed on our customer needs and challenges and listen carefully to them. This in turn is conveyed to our manufacturers who deliver products suitable to our trade conditions and environment.

We also represent some really good overseas companies and their quality products of which is featured inside alongside our own products based on designs and technical specifications given to us by the customers and plumbers of South Africa.

Our current focus is to do a better job to our customers and their customers as well as increase the variety in the current products that we have on offer so that the plumbing industry will look to us as a primary source for these featured products here in the Cape as well As Nationally.

Our future plans are to make sure that all of the South African Market has knowledge and understanding of our Water Saving aspect of our business. We consider this to be of utmost importance and hope that Water Conservation will become a normality in the life of every South African home and business. Our featured products on Water Saving should make this easily available and a cost effective way of saving precious water just about everywhere.

We are also looking forward to introducing all DZR and SABS Approved or compliant products which is suited to our water conditions and will allow the public to purchase really good products the 1st time. This is true for normal everyday plumbing or Solar installations.

In order to do all of the above we have a really good staff compliment that will handle all of your orders and logistics made up of mostly women and a few guys to do the heavy lifting. We also have dedicated sales representatives in the areas that we are distributing to and are well known to their customers and the geographical area and its product requirements.

We are primary permit holders for the SABS permit 1808-5 for the SABS Approved Stainless Steel Hoses and are in the process of increasing our SABS permits for the products that are on offer and needed for both the public and government to be able to confidently specify.

In addition to the above we have a level 1 BBE certification for customers that do business with government and will endeavour to increase the percentage on it to retain the level 1 status and make sure our customers get the most benefit out of this as well.

All in all we want to be able to service our customers as best as we can. Please do not hesitate to drop us an email to assist us in improving our service to you. Also consult out back page of the E- catalogue for the permits and certification or the end of our printable catalogue.